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Videographer Editor

Marc Maged Bio

Hi There!

My name is Marc Maged. I am a videographer based in the South Florida area with over ten years of experience. My company MLM Media Productions works to help small businesses and creative individuals communicate their stories and expand their brand through video.


As a former student of film studies, I approach all my projects with the same cinematic lens. Whether it's a product video for a soda ad or a personal documentary for an elementary school, you can rest assured that the final submission will use my filmic signature to help tell your story and either expand or build your business or product. We work on all forms of video including product video, real estate, business promos, concerts, and events.  At MLM Media Productions, our videographers are certified part 107 pilots. We believe the production value of aerial shots make or break each production.  Come book your next shoot with us today!

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